Why and Kiddd are busy with the trust crisis, with officials who need to be checked









                       The Why-Party and the Kiddd-Network





Why do you spill billions of our money?

In which pockets does this money flow?

Why do you not answer questions?

Why do you show disdain and disrespect 

for citizens by not answering important

questions of citizens and experts?  Why

do you avoid even to speak of the biggest and cheapest source of concentrated clean energy in nature ?           


The energy crisis

Its real cause: suppression of  3 clean energy technologies.

Production of large amounts of  cheap clean energy is possible!

Why do top officials silence that? Why do they refuse to answer energy questions?   click hier  —>    www.energybird.org,    O film O


The trust crisis

Untrustworthy officials, suspicious of dubble agenda. Officials  choosing worse and very expensive “solutions”, spilling billions, refusing to answer questions: Why? See open letters to such officials.

Page 2 , H.Brouwer

Page 3 , M.vd.Hoeven

Page 4 , J.Cramer

Page 5 , the energy question

Page 6 , Conclusion


Office holders payed by us and cheating us must quit the office !

Please make a firm decision: Do you support this claim? Yes or not?

?     Trustworthy          ?

Ovaal: Ovaal:



The Why-Party wants all untrustworthy functionaries to quit the office to be replaced by trustworthy officials. Each top office holder has to aggree to be checked in periods for trust-worthiness by the most advanced means of science and technology (deep check).


Citizens, support the Why-Party! Big-Mafia-Brother (BMB), cheating, torturing and killing others (war games, kidon killers), is working with his old cheat techniques, powerful only in the past. Invisible from outside, the motor of the evil, the inherited devil-illness, is deeply engraved in brain and body of BMB-members. They have no defense against the new quick-check-tech-nologies with MRI, P300, gene check and other detection methodes (deep check). Checking groups of probably sick persons for traces of this severe illness in brain and body :


That is what we can apply

successfully to get a clean government!

M.vd.Hoeven, Minister EZ, and



The Why-Party

O film


Actual:   Page 5a   :  Wolf  Madlener wants to get into the EU-Parlament. 

How  the citizens would decide, if they would know him? Why nearly nobody knows him?

Why nobody has checked him seriously? No time? No eyes? No awareness of danger? Who takes care?

Obviously wolves are using the system weakness to intrude. Obviously there is something to improve!